If you are going to pickup or drop off your child, we ask that you use all the care necessary to SAVE SOMEONE'S LIFE . . . because it could!

  1. The rear of the building is for buses. Please do not deliver children to school at the rear. Please do not pick up children prior to 3:20 at the rear of the building. For safety reasons, when picking up children at the rear of the building, please park in a parking space, and come inside the building to get your child.
  2. The front of the building is for children who ride in automobiles or walk.
  3. Please form one lane (next to sidewalk) when delivering or picking up children. Let children enter or exit the auto on the passenger side only.This is essential for safety reasons.
  4. When delivering students in the mornings, please unload 3 or 4 cars at the same time as this will speed up traffic considerable. Children should walk to and from automobiles.
  5. Any parent desiring to enter the building mornings, afternoons, or during the day should use a marked space and not park in the loading/unloading lane next to the sidewalk. The 10 parking spaces nearest the church are reserved for parents and visitors.
  6. Please observe the one way traffic at the front and rear f the building.
  7. Please drive extremely slow anytime you are in school paved areas.
  8. The west side entrance by the horseshoe driveway is for buses or parents of handicapped students only. Do not block this driveway.
  9. A number will be assigned to each car or car pool of afternoon car riders. This number must be displayed each time you pick up students. Students are made aware of their numbers and will be grouped by numbers as they wait for their ride.
  10. Parents who wish to park in the church parking lot should meet their child INSIDE the main entrance to school at 2:55. Other students will wait in the computer lab room and will exit to the sidewalk through the door facing the school entrance.
  11. Children will not be allowed to return to classrooms while waiting on their ride. If homework, etc. is forgotten, parents should park their car and accompany their child back into the building to get forgotten homework etc. Please do not hold up the line by waiting in line for your child to return to the classroom.
  12. Dismissal begins at 2:55; all students should be picked up by 3:15. Please observe instructions from and cooperate with teachers stationed in front of the building.
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