Birthday Celebrations
So that we don't undermine the smart nutrition habits that children are being taught at home and school, birthday celebration guidelines are being adopted at Sycamore School. These guidelines will prevent children with food allergies and other medical conditions from being exposed to items that can cause reactions. It will also reduce the unnecessary calories, sugar and fat that are involved in traditional birthday treats.

Families may celebrate their child's birthday at school using the following guidelines:

  • Notify your child's teacher that you want to recognize your child's birthday at schools.
  • Send a healthy morning snack for the class to enjoy on or around your child's birthday.
  • Suggestions for the morning snack might include: pretzels, string cheese, pre-cut fruit, muffins, crackers, cereal bars, trail mix.

Birthday Book Donations
Donating a library book in honor of your child on the occasion of his/her birthday is another celebration idea. Birthday books will be labeled with your child's name and picture and placed in the school library. Please see Mrs. Clark for specific guidelines.

Birthday Invitations
Since it is important to be considerate of others' feelings, we ask that birthday invitations not be handed out at school unless everyone in the class receives an invitation.

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