Breakfast and lunch are served in the cafeteria at a nominal cost. Meals may be paid for on MONDAY mornings for one, two, three or four weeks. Paying for meals for greater periods of time will be more convenient on both parents and the school. Lunches may also be purchased daily as the student goes through the line. Breakfast will not be served after 7:55 a.m.
It a student forgets his money, he will be allowed to charge one day. If a student requests to charqe two consecutive days, he will be requested to telephone his parents. The breakfast meal may not be charged. Menus are published weekly in the newspaper, and teachers have a monthly menu for posted in the classroom. NO CANNED OR BOTTLED SOFT DRINKS ARE ALLOWED.

All texts are loaned to students free of charge. The cost is covered by state and local tax money. The parent, however, assumes the responsibility for compensating the school for books/supplies lost or for unreasonable damage. School records and report cards may be withheld for any indebtedness owed the school.

A regular report is given to students to take home at nine week intervals during the year. Cards are to be signed by parents and returned within three days. Kindergarten cards will begin with the second nine weeks. There will be a replacement charge for lost cards.

If your child is scheduled to go on a field trip, you will be notified in advance. One permission slip covering all trips must be signed at the beginning of the year.

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