PTO Fundraising Activities

Sources of Funds

The PTO holds two primary fundraisers each year. To kick off the school year, we participate in the sale of Smart Card coupon books (more like a reusable coupon sheet). These books cost $15 and are well worth their value, offering discounts and one time use coupons from local retailers and restaurants. A few coupon books are still available for purchase. Please contact on of the officers if you would like to purchase one. The coupon books are valid through August 1, 2012.

Later in the fall comes our second primary fundraiser. The Sycamore Scramble combines fundraising with physical fitness by encouraging students to obtain pledges from family and friends to walk laps around the school grounds. Teachers, parents, and students all get involved in this fun and fit event.

The PTO also participates in the Box Tops for Education and Campbell's Labels for Education programs. For your convenience, we have placed collection bins for each of these programs inside the front entrance of the school and in the library. Box Tops are collected and submitted twice a year. Under this program, we receive $.10 cash back per valid coupon submitted. Under the Campbell's Labels for Education program, we receive points for redemption of school merchandise from the Labels for Education catalog. We encourage your participation in these two valuable programs.

Additionally, the Kroger Gift Card Rebates program is still going strong. Under this program, you can purchase a rechargeable Kroger gift card from the PTO's customer account, load it with a predetermined amount before you shop, and then use the card as payment at checkout. For every $5,000 in charges to our customer account, Kroger provides us with a 4% cash rebate. Please contact one of the PTO officers if you would like to purchase one of these cards.

Uses of Funds

After fundraising expenses are paid from each event ( such as commissions, supplies, prizes, etc.), the net proceeds are used in a variety of ways. The PTO's primary expenditures are purchase of classroom/playground supplies and equipment, student rewards for various scholastic programs such as Accelerated Reading, and parent/teacher appreciation events.

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