Our students are very good at turning in found items. Unfortunately, many of these go unclaimed. If possible, all items should be labeled with the child’s name. Please encourage your child to check with the office if he is missing something.

The students at Sycamore Elementary are expected to maintain high standards of conduct at all times so that the school environment will be conducive for maximum learning.
Generally our rules come under one of three four areas. Students who do not obey these rules will receive disciplinary action appropriate for the seriousness and frequency of the offense.
*Students will not be allowed to physically or verbally abuse other students.
*Students will show respect for school and property.
*Students will show respect for all adults and authority.
*Students will follow the rules established for good social and health habits.

Students are encouraged to uphold high standards of dress, grooming, and appearance. All backpacks must be see-through. Students are inappropriately dressed when their attire is disruptive to the learning environment or when it creates a health hazard. The following are inappropriate for school attire:
1. T-Shirts that make reference to drugs, alcohol, sex or obscenities.
2. Tank tops, fish net shirts, halter tops, or tube tops.
3. Flip-flop sandals.
4. Short shorts or excessively short skirt lengths.
5. Hats, head coverings, or caps inside the building.

Toys, games, radios, tape players are not to be brought to school without permission of the teacher.

We always try to keep disruptions in the classrooms to a minimum. Therefore, any balloons, flowers, or other similar gifts will need to be left in the office. Please do not bring birthday party supplies, cupcakes etc. to your child’s classroom without permission from your child’s teacher.

The playground is the area of the school where the highest frequency of accidents occur. For this reason, the STANDARDS OF BEHAVIOR and the rules listed below must be followed:
1. Walk to and from play area and building when clear of traffic.
2. Climbing trees, backstop, or fences are not permitted.
3. Fighting, playing with sticks or rocks, pushing someone on equipment, or other dangerous play are not permitted.
4. Only one person is allowed to swing at a time.
5. Pushing someone in a swing, waiting in front of or behind swings, and jumping out of swings are not permitted.
6. Only one person is allowed to slide down the slide at a time, and only feet first.
7. Walking up the slide is not permitted.
8. Only two people are allowed on the see-saw at a time, and they must be seated.
9. Children may leave the playground area only with permission from their teacher.

The following rules are made for your child’s safety:
1. Students will please wear tennis shoes. or soft squeezable sole shoes. Please refrain from wearing sandals, rubber spikes, or dress shoes to P.E. Class.
2. Long dresses can be dangerous for activities in P.E. Shorts may be worn under dresses ANYTIME.
3. When inside, hard sole shoes and sandals will be taken off, and socks will also be removed for your child’s safety.
4. If your child has had an illness and must be excused from P.E. Class, please send an excuse signed by a doctor or parent as to the condition and length of the excuse.
5. If your child has ANY physical problems that we need to be aware of such as: allergies, diabetes, asthma, heart condition, or epilepsy, please write a note or have your doctor write a note explaining the problem and any action that we should take if the problem arises.

Because of our carpeting and other sanitation problems, students are not allowed to chew gum at school.
Glue used at school should be water based “school glue” and not Elmers Glue All as it will not wash off carpeting, clothing, books, desks, etc.

Community groups wishing to use school facilities must have approval of the principal. A contract/application must be signed, and custodial fees must be paid.

If you are withdrawing your child from school, please come by and fill out the necessary paperwork. These forms are usually required for enrollment in another school. All textbooks, library books and other school property must be returned in usable condition. All money owed in the cafeteria must_also be paid.

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