Sycamore Student Handbook
Welcoming Message
Children are why we are here. Each and every child has the right to learn, to play, to laugh, to dream, to love, to dissent, to reach upward, and to be himself. Our children need to be treated as human beings-exquisite, complex, and elegant in their diversity. They must be made to feel that the world is waiting for their sunrise, and that their education heralds the rebirth of an 'Age of Wonder.' Then, surely, the children of tomorrow will be more flexible, more adventurous, more daring, and courageous than we are, and better equipped to search for truth, each in his own way.
There has been an elementary school in the Sycamore Community of Putnam County since 1876. The current site was first used in the 1920's. The first brick building was constructed in 1939. Additions to this building have come in 1952, 1964, 1974, and 1981. Sycamore became "full size" in 1974 when enough classrooms and teachers were added to qualify for a supervising principal.

Sycamore Elementary is committed to the total education of each individual student. Classes and activities are provided for intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. The curriculum is designed to meet minimum guidelines set by the Tennessee State Department of Education. Students are exposed to many additional activities designed to enrich and develop an awareness in their lives.

Our aim is to instill in each child an appreciation of integrity, knowledge, and intellectual curiosity throughout life. We believe this aim can best be achieved through a child's direct personal interactions with his environment and fellow human beings. The role of Sycamore teachers is to assist, counsel, motivate, and evaluate during these interactions.

Parents are urged to help their children with homework and join in school activities. Please become a part of our Parent Teacher Organization as this plays an integral role in our school.
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