State law requires all visitors to the school to report to the office immediately upon entering the building, sign in, and wear a visitor's badge. Parents are considered visitors. Our goal is to have a minimum interruption of classroom instruction and to have a safe environment for the children to learn. Teacher Conferences and appointments should be scheduled in advance at a mutually agreeable time.

The clinic is located in the office area. The school nurse will assist students with temperatures, injuries, illnesses, and prescribed medication. If, after a short period of time, illnesses do not improve, parents will be contacted to pick up their child.

It is important that we have current phone numbers on the emergency card. If you have changes in phone numbers, or in persons to contact in emergencies, please contact the school immediately.

Information concerning school accident insurance is sent home the first day of enrollment. Participation is the decision of the parent.

Students and employees will not be allowed to answer incoming personal calls except emergencies. Research has shown tat disruptions in the classroom decrease learning. Messages will be taken and delivered twice daily. Students may make outgoing telephone calls only with a permission slip from their teacher.

The school nurse will administer medication under the following guidelines:

  1. Medication must be brought to the office in the morning and picked up in the afternoons (if it needs to go home) by a parent.
  2. Medication should be labeled with the child's name, dose, and what time the medication should be given. The name of the dug should be written on the original container. On new prescriptions, please inform the nurse of the time the last dose was given.
  3. A medical permission form has to be signed by a parent.
  4. Teachers will not administer medication under any circumstances.
  5. Tylenol, aspirin, and other headache medications are not kept in the office.

At the beginning of the year, classroom teachers will notify parents as to specific supplies that will be needed. An additional fee will be collected from each parent to cover workbooks, art supplies, Weekly Readers, etc.

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